Thanks a ton

To the people who have donated in the past. You seriously kept this site running and turned it into a little more than a college joke. I’ve recently decided to give TFW the attention it has been begging for. I’ve dumped all of the old code, it’s on an entirely different server and I’m hunting for more weather APIs. I hope to get it to the point where all of the international fans don’t have any more issues. Once that’s all settled: I’m making the apps you’ve all been begging for. I’m not going to charge for any of them. Basically, this has literally turned into my full time job.

It turns out that running software on real servers that can handle the bandwidth actually costs money! Not to mention the monthly fees for these additional Weather APIs. So if you’d like to help again, that would be greatly appreciated and certainly motivating. I fucking love you guys ( and making obnoxious websites).